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i-SCOOP Digital Business Academy

i-SCOOP Digital Business Academy is a strategic and tactical digital business and marketing strategy and training firm.

Originally founded as i-SCOOP in 2000, it is owned by J-P De Clerck and Renilde De Wit. The company offers strategic advice, training services, media consulting and educational resources with a people-centric and channel-agnostic approach.

The main areas of activity are digital business, marketing, sales and management.  i-SCOOP Digital Business Academy is predominantly active in B2B, media and technological markets.

Past and present customers include BT Global Services, Selligent, Microsoft, SDL Tridion, Option International, Belgian Federal Government, IAB, Sanoma Publishing, Best Of Publishing, Belgacom, Touring and StrongMail

In the past i-SCOOP Digital Business Academy also often worked as a subcontractor delivering specialist services for leading digital agencies and consultancies to help them develop and implement strategies for their customers. These projects and customers are under NDA and have been stopped so we can focus on servicing our own customers and further deploy our operations.

i-SCOOP Digital Business Academy finally launched and operates several online communities and content networks, including blogs. Finally, the company launched the Fusion Marketing Experience conferences.