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Digital Business

Digital technologies have profoundly changed the ways we do business, buy, work and live. They have even altered society and continue impacting virtually all business functions. That’s what digital business is about.

Today, digital business mainly is used in a context of digital marketing and social business. However, it’s much more than that.

As digital technologies offer new ways to connect, collaborate, conduct business and build bridges between people, it touches the core of all business functions and even the ways organizations are managed.

Digital business, however, is not just about technology. Technology is not a holy grail. What matters is how digital technologies impact business in real life because they impact the behavior and attitudes of people across all their activities. Just consider how organizations, executives, teams and people use them to improve the ways they serve their customers, collaborate and operate.

Digital business is business with a people-centric view and agile processes, whereby digital technology is used to empower people (customers, employees, managers, etc.) to succeed, optimize all business functions and make your business more relevant and profitable. It does this in the increasingly connected ecosystem in which organizations and people live and work.

While most digital evolutions are looked upon from a technology- and company-centric perspective, often leading to disconnected business strategies, it’s important to cut through the noise and buzzwords of the day, put them in context and focus on the real questions: how to improve your efficiency, business and the lives of the people in the ecosystem you operate in.

Digital business goes beyond social business and certainly beyond marketing or ICT. It’s about business and people. Pure, simple, strategic and connected.